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Dutch Apple Cake

A delicious recipe taught to me by my Dutch grandmother.

This recipe is also available to watch in Video form here.

300g flour
220g butter (cold & chopped into small pieces)
150g soft brown sugar
½ small egg + the other half for brushing
2g salt
400g apples
60g raisins (optional, washed)
Sugar and cinnamon


• Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees C.
• Add the flour, sugar, butter and the salt into a bowl and roughly mix together.
• Add the egg and knead it all together with a cold hand until it forms a dough.
• Roll 2/3 of the dough on a floured surface into a circle and then lay on a pre-buttered round cake tin with a removable base.
• Peel the apples and cut them in slices or cubes and add the washed raisins and sprinkle with some sugar and cinnamon.
• Add the apples onto the pastry.
• Roll the remaining 1/3 of the pastry and cut into strips and place into a weave on top of the apples and brush with the remaining egg.
• Place the cake on the bottom shelf in the oven, bake for about 45 minutes or until light brown.
Leave to cool completely before trying to remove from the cake tin, otherwise it’ll fall to pieces. This cake also tastes better as the days go on.

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