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British not so bothered by food risks!

A new European Food Survey shows that the British take a more measured approach to possible food safety risks than their European neighbours.

The food survey, carried out by the European Food Safety Authority, asked about 27,000 consumers across the EU a range of questions relating to the possible risks associated with food.

Respondents were asked how worried they were about certain perceived food risks such as pesticides, food poisoning, and hormones in meat. British respondents were less worried about all of these perceived risks than their European counterparts but were most concerned about the welfare of farmed animals and the quality and freshness of food.

UK respondents were more worried about the economic crises negatively affecting their lives than concerned that the food they personally eat could possibly damage their health.

Only 29% of UK respondents thought that food could possibly damage their health as opposed to 48% in the rest of the EU. UK consumers were also less likely to permanently change their eating habits after hearing that a type of food was unsafe following media stories (only 7% in the UK compared to 11% in Europe).

Pudding Pie Cookery School, stirring up some thought.

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