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We offer a unique and confidential service to our clients, some of the areas we can help with are:


New Product Development

Providing an innovative and fresh solution from how a recipe tastes, its appearance, presentation and the customers who are going to ultimately buy it. Making the absolute most from the ingredients available, building in provenance and historic references and keeping to a set gross profit margin.

Recipe Development

Targeted solutions to brand new recipes or improving existing ones, covering all world cuisine in all category areas.

Food Skills Training

Bespoke courses or recipe specific coaching. These can be by country, ingredient specific or food trend.

Menu & Restaurant Consultancy

Providing menu development from creating a brand new menu or modernising a current one. Developing the recipes for it, and providing training for the Chefs who will be cooking the dishes, together with consultation for the equipment required.

Troubleshooting Solutions

An objective view and solutions for food quality issues, people training, working methods and kitchen management.

Whatever you need, if it’s food related we can help you. To discuss your requirements further please contact us.